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I Started Training at the age of 16, due to a good friend (Jacob Gonzalez, R.I.P.) generosity who had paid for my gym membership. At first I wasn't thrilled with training, but since he had paid my way I felt obligated.

I started at the weight of 135, after one year of training I gain over 35 pounds and another 30 pounds the following year. Due to my accomplishments in the gym I grew a burning fire within me to be the best I could be. I wanted to see how far I could push my body.

In the first couple of years of training my diet was basically to eat anything and everything. But once I did my first show at the age of 22, I learned the importance of keeping a good diet, wit the help of my Sports Physiologist: John O'reagan, I saw myself making leaps and bounds with the proper nutrients my body craved for.

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Building the Perfect Beast

Age 20 body weight: 225
Age 21 body weight: 240
Age 22 body weight: 255
Age 23 body weight: 267 (with abs!)